Legal Stuff

Any and all GetGlue stickers that you see here unless otherwise stated were designed and made by me.

Any images or logos used that are from copyrighted works remain copyrighted by the copyright owner. It is not my intent to claim ownership of thing that was not expressly made by Me.

Yes I will always "Watermark" or "Sign" all stickers that I took the time to create. I do this protect my works. Furthermore I claim all rights to the "Sticker Design" that I created.

These GetGlue Stickers are here for your enjoyment only and are not to be copied to any other website or to for you to claim ownership of any of my works. If you like my work and want to showcase it on another website please contact me or just post a link to this blog, do not post my stickers.

On a side note, If any Company who does own copyrights to any of these images wishes to have them removed please contact me.

If you are looking to have some GetGlue Stickers made I can do custom work and will work with you on getting your stickers made... Please Remember I charge to make stickers, that do not have my "Watermark" or "Sign" on them.


  1. I love all your stickers. I think you do put alot of time and work into them. I was wondering how does one get some of your sticker designs.stickers? Do I send yoou something and then you send the stickers. My Grandchildren love them as well.

  2. If you mean, can you get some of them printed... I can get some of them printed... however not all of them... (copyrighted stuff I can not sell) just send me an email about which ones you want and I'll let you know... My email address is on the left (its on the sticker you have to type it in)

    If you are wanting me to design a sticker for you, just contact me by email... and I'll work with you... Just remember I charge for Custom work...

    if its a Vanity Sticker (Your Name on a sticker) you are wanting those are done for people who A. have Really interesting name/nicknames. B. Are really loyal to me and my blog/getglue/facebook page. C. something just clicks and I see a sticker I need to make...