Thursday, February 2, 2012

Holy T-Shirts Batman!

I Can't tell you where it is being printed yet! But it will be printed! and you will have a WHOLE Week to pick it up! you can speculate all you like, But until they Announce it on their site I can't let you in on who it is yet... they have all the art work, the side art, and links ready to go... Mark your Calendar's for February 27th the day it goes on sale! but you should always check back to find out WHERE!

Be Sure To Visit the FACEBOOK Fan Page!!! By liking the facebook fan page you can be notified when a New Sticker Set or Tee Shirt is posted... Never miss the latest designs by Me!

Most of the Tee Designs end up on RedBubble for a higher price, if you missed any of my tee-a-day sales you can eiter wait for another one with the same design (very rare) or head over and pick up the "RedBubble Edition"

If you want to make a design request you can do that here in any comment, on my GetGlue Topic Page, or on the facebook fan page

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