Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Absence

Sorry I haven't been active in the last 6 weeks... but I broke my writing arm... I got the cast off yesterday!!!! I also went in for a check of a lump... Turns out the lump is a tumor and due to how fast it grew they are going to be removing it tonight... so my surgery is @ 7pm California Time (PST) So for those of you who are religious please keep me in your prayers...

As for the broken wrist it is healed but its gonna take some time to get the muscle back and the fine movement skills and full range of motion back... So its still going to be a while before I'm back to designing shirts and stickers...

So everyone knows I have been checking my facebook, and twitter I just have not been typing much...

Be Sure To Visit the FACEBOOK Fan Page!!! By liking the facebook fan page you can be notified when a New Sticker Set or Tee Shirt is posted... Never miss the latest designs by Me!

Most of the Tee Designs end up on RedBubble for a higher price, if you missed any of my tee-a-day sales you can eiter wait for another one with the same design (very rare) or head over and pick up the "RedBubble Edition"

If you want to make a design request you can do that here in any comment, on my GetGlue Topic Page, or on the facebook fan page

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