Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clue / Cluedo - Coming Soon

I am currently working on a Clue/Cluedo set of stickers... This set will NOT be a generic set of standard Clue pieces... This is a set being created by Me... I am working on everything except for the Characters right now... Here is the intriguing part I am searching for real people who would like to have their face in my stickers :) .

So I am looking for the following characters Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Mr Green, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs Peacock... if you have never played Clue/Cluedo or even if you have please take a look at the Wikipedia page for Clue/Cluedo Characters if you would like to submit a High Res photo of YOU (not your friend or something you downloaded) OF YOU to use on these stickers please visit the facebook page and either comment on this link or start your own and let me know.... I will tell you how to submit a High Res image to me...

For the record, I am not paid for making the stickers seen here unless otherwise noted... this set is being made as an Unofficial set... I can not and will not pay for the images submitted. In return for the use of your picture I promise to post a link in the description of the set and on the character description to any profile you would like... (facebook,, myspace, GetGlue, or any other profile page or your personal website [as long as its not an adult site])

I will hold off on finishing this set for 2 weeks while I wait for pictures... after that I will find images via google images to fill in the missing characters.

Hope to see you pictured!

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If you want to make a request you can do that here in any comment or you can do it on the getglue page or the facebook page

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