Friday, September 30, 2011

Get a "Stickers By SprayPaint" Sticker!!!

Here is the deal!

To get One of my Stickers as seen on the facebook page and the GetGlue page... I will give out to the first 20 comments with a link to YOUR GetGlue profile showing that you earned the Diehard Fan Sticker for "Stickers By SprayPaint" on the facebook Post with the "Stickers By SprayPaint" sticker and says Post your link here (remember Diehard Fan is 50 Check-ins)

yes this sticker is a REAL sticker and looks just like the ones you get from GetGlue... and will be mailed out to you...

Good Luck and lets see if we can get Stickers By SprayPaint to Trend in the Top 100!!!

Be Sure To Visit the FACEBOOK Fan Page!!! by liking that you can be notified when a New Sticker Set is posted... never miss the latest stickers from Me!

If you want to make a request you can do that here in any comment or you can do it on the getglue page or the facebook page

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