Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Donators Stickers

I want to say Thank you to the wonderful People who Helped Save our storage unit, with their kind donations...

From GetGlue Friends
BadB *Her Royal Badness*
She asked for something that was representative of her love for NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt Jr... I present BadB's sticker

I had made Moviechick2003 a Sticker a while back. When I contacted her about a new personalized sticker, she asked if I could make one for someone else that deserved a sticker for all of their hard work and dedication. She asked for me to make a sticker for Beth of As I had no idea if Moviechick2003 was planning on this being a surprise I did not ask her what she wanted... I asked Steve and Moviechick2003, but did not get much in the way of ideas. So I looked at her facebook profile and found an insperation... So I present Beth's sticker compliments of Moviechick2003

Derek Sent this picture over and asked if I could do something with it... Well not much, but I can make it look right as a sticker... Here ya Go Derek!

Fidel J.
Fidel said I had already made him an awesome sticker Weeping Angel Fidel and decided he didn't need another one made :) I might point out he has yet to use it as his avatar :P

Dan Pawlak
I have been unable to contact Dan since he donated... His sticker will be added here later

Artichoke8 also declined a new personalized sticker as I had already made her some found here

Iris Moon
I have been unable to contact Iris Moon since she donated... If she wants another one made, I will post it here. She already has one made found here

CoffeeNinja(GGAC) (Aka Wendy Bloink)
She said a few things for ideas, but her name is the one thing that caught my interest... My daughter was/is drawing her an actual character anime style, which I will post once she is done with it... For now I made this one... (the Kanji script reads coffee ninja)

Kristin Scearce Kim
Kris here said Vampire Like, and that she loves Twilight... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo.... Here is her sticker...

Purple Pocket Ninja (PPN)
PPN was very specific about what she wanted... she wanted to use a Pocket Ninja, but it was black and wanted it purple... here it is for her, and the Kanji script is Purple Pocket Ninja

Thanks to my GeoCacheing friend Crawil

Thanks to my cousin Rehan

Special thanks to Cathy Mitchell the Celebrity Infomercial Hostess for her generous donation that put us over the top :)

As always to view the rest of the stickers, or view these stickers in full size just click an image above.

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