Monday, January 9, 2012


UPDATE! Alex Iskold has blocked me on Twitter, Because His Company GetGlue serves its users crap and HE does not want to hear about how users are being wronged.

UPDATE #2 from Fraser @ GetGlue
Hi there,
We're digging in to find out what happened with this order:!/TRSprayPaint/status/156541204253777921
Can you send us the unique ID that appears at the bottom of the sticker sheet?
Funny They emailed me about the issue, meaning they went and looked up my email :) but lets see if this takes as long as my other daughters ticket issue!

UPDATE #3 ***
The sticker printing/fulfillment company is looking into how / why this happened.
Apologies that it happened.

Check these 2 Images I posted to Alex Iskold and GetGlue These are Twitter Messages I sent to them both with images attached Message #1 Message #2

My Daughters Account that was affected by this atrocity for GetGlue's reference

GetGlue's Batch ID code - 20111226-1328253-3

Here is the thoughts that run through my head after looking at these images... as soon as looked at the sheet I could see the damage to the stickers from the perforations not being aligned right.

I can see that the sheet is cut correctly, implying that it was the paper manufacturer who botched the paper, and under circumstances of automated systems I could see that problem not being noticed until it reached the end consumer. GetGlue is forgiven on that, OH WAIT!

The last image has a footprint on the back of the sheet, THIS IMPLIES that a HUMAN looked at this sheet before it actually went out the door. Actually it means that a HUMAN stepped on this sheet while it was on the floor, picked it up looked at it said "Who Cares, its not as bad as some of the others." and stuffed it in an envelope and mailed it out.

Now you want to know where all your MISSING Sticker batches are... They are on the floor getting walked on, when someone finally picks it up off the floor and looks at it, they said this is to damaged, and tosses it in the trash. If you contact GetGlue they contact this company and they say "Well we mailed it out, it must have gotten lost in the mail."

At that point GetGlue says to themselves "well they are probably just trying to get more copies of that sheet." and so they tell you the end consumer "We are truly sorry for the inconvenience of you not getting the last 3 sticker batches, we can't send those out again."

Now in GetGlues defense, the reason they can not send out replacement stickers is because the "advertiser" pays for each sticker printed, and if there is a replacement set printed then GetGlue must ask the "advertiser" to pay for an additional payment for that sticker. The "Advertiser" looks at the bill and says "why were we charged for 150 stickers, when there were only 126 actually earned, we are not going to pay you for a mistake you made" In turn GetGlue does not want to foot the bill for these mistakes, especially when as they are figuring most people are just doing it to get extra stickers.

But as we have not just seen we know what happens to the missing stickers... Once again you asked us the users to support you and vote for you as "break out startup of the year" yes I see you won it, Congratulations on deceiving the world. You have since deleted pages that your most active users used. you have taken away our right to change the images and descriptions, you have taken our ability to add the pages that we enjoy to the database. you have "lost" prizes that your customers have won, and not responded to users emails about these or any of the other problems.

This is honestly no way to treat your users, but then again its how most companies behave now a days. I for one have grown tired of this type of behavior, and your complete disregard of user input. I enjoyed the ability to censor my interactions, if I don't want to see when a friend agrees with a user I blocked on a topic I don't care about, you decided that it is in the best interest to FORCE me to look at all of that.

At this point I'm done promoting GetGlue, I have stopped the auto Tweets and Facebook Status Updates for when I get a sticker or guru... I almost always uncheck the post this on twitter or facebook. I'm to the point that if someone wants to take over the guru of "Stickers By SprayPaint" topic I'm ready to give that up too... But then I'm Just one person and that does not matter to the money factory that is GetGlue.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." Bill Gates, Chairman and former CEO, Microsoft


  1. I am having a problem with getglue sending me my requested stickers, any suggestions.

  2. I requested stickers 3 months ago and never received them. Getglue is gonna lose a lot of users really fast.

  3. GetGlue provides these to you guys for free? Are you really complaining that much about it?

    1. Oh wow now that you put it that way, I feel I may have expected to much for something FREE, I guess its expected to get a product free or not that has foot prints all over it, its folded and creased twice and one of those destroys the items worth... but ya know what, your right... it was free...

      I'm going to take a guess and say your most likely 16 to 25, I base this on the fact that you take poor quality as the norm... I remember when you would take a TV or radio to a repair shop to get it fixed rather than throw it and buy a new one... Today's younger generation seems to think its easier to buy a new one, and accept that plain old poor quality workmanship is OKAY...

      Sorry if you think I am complaining about nothing, but for your information I did pay for those stickers, I paid with my time... and I demand quality... and if more people did then maybe we would get longer usage from our "Toys"...

      But who am I, just some Old Fart ranting about something that doesn't mean shit!

    2. Simmer down, Cletus. Getglue has resolved this issue for you, considering now you can choose which twenty stickers you want disbursed... So, if I were you, I would reorder those same twenty stickers and call it good. Seriously, some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope.

    3. Dear Anonymous, The post to which you are saying is resolved, was posted in January of 2012 that is 15 months before you chimed in with pointless drival about simmering down... at the time the post was made your "solution" was not even a glimmering in anyone's eye... and sorry that I complained that there was a really bad cut and footprints on my product... the next time you order a tee from me I will make sure that it has tire marks from the forklift and the bottom 2 inchs are not there... lets see how quickly you complain... PS Have a nice day!

  4. I can't believe that people have acted as if you were not right to be upset at the lack of quality control. To the guy stating that it is free items, actually they aren't free items. We had to allow the company access to our social media, contacts, email, and other personal information. They earned revenue from our check ins and information. Now of course they have done the ultimate slap in the face by discontinuing physical stickers. So, they made money off of us and then stopped giving us the promised items. I am not a sticker collector, I am a fan of the tv shows I watch loyally. I enjoyed getting stickers of the shows that I watch and love.