Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RANT On Staples

Sorry but I'm so tired of crappy service, it's everywhere these days. Retail stores and fast food restaurants they do not care about the customer, they only care about the money! Todays rant is about Staples office supply and to narrow it down the Staples store at 790 North Brookhurst St. in Anaheim, CA....

Last year sometime I took over some Geocaching Logbooks, these had the Ground Speak Logo on them which is valid use of the logo. I was informed that they would not print the logbooks for me because it infringed on Ground Speak's copyright... WTF?

Sometime later I was making some Christmas cards with my Bought and Paid for Hallmark Greeting Card Software, Wanting very nice cards I printed the cards to a PDF file, took it over to them and when they viewed the file they said NO it would violate Hallmark's copyright... once again WTF?

A couple of months ago I went to the store to get Weatherproof Shipping Labels, I was unable to find any at the store, I asked an employee and was told that they do not carry them. I also checked on and was told just because they carry them on the website does not mean they can get them in the store... HUH?

So I ordered them from Avery directly as they were cheaper. when I got them I took the package over to the store and asked for them to print some Munzee's on the labels... Munzee's are just QR codes that are used for a game... I bet you can't guess what I was told? Yup your right... "We can't print on your labels, they might be old and might not take the ink, or jam up our printers... but if you go buy some label paper we can print on that for you." So I asked DO YOU HAVE WEATHERPROOF LABELS? Of course the answer was NO! WTF?

Today my 15 year old daughter goes over to pick up HP 60 Color and HP 60 Black ink for our printer as I'm out completely. She took with her my mother's Walmart prepaid visa debit card, My kids have used there before with no Issues (Hell I have used it there with out issue). The Female clerk Cathy informs my daughter that they could call the police on her because the card does not belong to her.

Problem #1 with that is my daughter does not have ID and therefor they have no way to prove she is not the card owner.
#2 the only reason they knew it was not hers is because she said it was her grand mothers. She didn't lie, she didn't do anything wrong, she could have just said yes the card was hers. I would think a teenager trying to use a stolen card would have just bolted out of the store, not wanting to get caught, she didn't because she figured there was no problem... yet they accused her of trying to use a stolen card... WTF? The only thing she did was lie by telling them her grandma was in the car...

I called the store right after my daughter called me from the parking lot, Grandma sitting here worried that my daughter was getting arrested... While talking to my daughter I could tell she was scared, and rightfully so as they just accused her of using a stolen credit card. Back to my call to them. I got the manager Dave on the phone and he outright said my daughter was lying (although I could not get him to say it in those words), he said he was the only one to help her at the register, and he never said anything about calling the police. Over and over all he said was that it didn't happen like that. I give him credit he didn't want the "Powers that be" to come down on him for calling her a liar. Essentially by what he said he was saying she's a lair... WTF?

I do not call this customer service, I call this customer harassment... and a BIG case of I Don't want to do my job! It sucks because I don't have a car and they are the closest store that has office supplies, I guess instead of the 1/2 mile walk to Staples it is now the 1.5 mile trip to Target or 1.75 mile trip to Walmart. and don't get me started on those two they suck almost as bad

enough for the rant... all in all just don't shop Staples!


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