Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. Men & Little Miss

Mr. Men

"What does a tickle look like?"
This was the question asked by a six year-old boy of his father, one morning in 1971 that inspired Roger Hargreaves to create a little orange man with a big toothy grin, a blue hat and extraordinarily long arms. And so, Mr. Tickle, the first of the Mr. Men, was born! Roger went on to create 48 more characters, bringing the total to 49. Just before his death in 1988 he started working on 4 new characters but they were never released, Roger's son Adam began writing and illustrating new stories, including the 4 four characters his dad made and 2 more he made bring the total to 55 Mr. Men characters. All 55 of them are displayed here in my stickers... and this year 2011 Marks the 40th Anniversary of Mr. Men!

Little Miss

In 1981 Roger made 42 companion books called Little Miss, which was female characters, 9 of them did not get published in English... later on another 6 characters were added by Adam including the 1st character based on a real person 'Little Miss Stella' who was based on Stella McCartney a fashion designer. all 48 Little Miss Characters are depicted here on my stickers... I hope you enjoy them! and I hope they will inspire you to read the books to your children as I do, and had them read to me as a child!

Mr Men and Little Miss Official Website: Click Here

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