Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Need Some Help!

The Goal Has Been Reached.... Thank you for all the help....

Thanks to these GetGlue Friends:
BadB *Her Royal Badness*
Fidel J.
Dan Pawlak
Iris Moon
CoffeeNinja(GGAC)Santa'shelper (Aka Wendy Bloink)
Kristin Scearce Kim
Purple Pocket Ninja (PPN)

Thanks to these GeoCacheing Friends:

Thanks to My Family

Thanks to Cathy Mitchell Celebrity Infomercial Hostess for her generous Donation that put us over the top :)
If you have heard of the GT Express 101 (here is the GT Express Recipe Club featuring Cathy) Cathy is the Red Head Infomercial Queen, and she is a family friend of my wife Michelle...

I am in need of a small financial help, I managed to forget to pay our storage unit, they will be cutting the lock off on Tuesday November 29th 2011, and selling our stuff the following Friday, although there is nothing overly valuable in there the kids do have some sentimentally valuable items... Also my Pirate Garb is in there as well a lot of the family's Winter Clothing...

We are trying to raise $400 we have about $175 of our own money going towards this meaning we need to raise another $225 to pay this off... and we need to get it by Sunday November 27th so I can get it transferred to the bank account then over to them over to them....

If it is not paid before they cut the lock it will cost an additional $150 for the lock cutting and inventory for sale of the items (laughably they just look in from the door and note what they see, and they charge $150 for that?)

I will keep everyone apprised of how much money has been raised... and I know how difficult times are for everyone, but that is why we have been unable to pay the storage... as soon as it is paid all the stuff is going to be removed from storage...

Goal: $225

Total So Far: $225

Left to Raise: $0

ALL of those that Donate will receive a Stickers by SprayPaint sticker, even if you have already got one before, I will also Work with each of you to create a Personalized Sticker in High Quality that you can print or have printed, to use as you see fit it will not carry the SBS "Watermark" unless you want it to...  That just my way of saying Thank you to those that have been kind enough to help me out in this time of need...

Thank you for the help during this holiday season.

And as I usually use comedy to mask my pain... We really don't want our stuff to be the next sticker for Storage Wars :P


  1. I could only afford $20 but I know every penny helps. I hope I did it right thru pay pay. I used the link here on the website. Good luck BadB.

  2. I sent what I could, I hope it goes through, I recently lost my debit card...moviechick2003

  3. Thank you both.... I have already made the changes to this post to reflect the donations :)

  4. Sorry, super broke right now too, but I will send up prayers for you. God Bless. Nu2me

  5. I am in a similar situation as you Spray Paint and Nu2Me. I will send heaps of prayers up and over for you and your family. Bless!!

  6. Nu2me and Lady Di, thank you for the kind words, we will also be praying for you... the donations seems to have stalled, I'm hoping some of the people who visit my blog only for my Check In List (TV Today) which I keep up for not only myself but for everyone else... lord knows they are the ones who visit my site the most...

  7. I gave what I could. Hope you are able to get your stuff out :D -artichoke8

  8. I cut it in half for you! Hope there is one more fan out there to help you! PPN HUGZ !!