Saturday, July 9, 2011

Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies

81 Stickers Created, encompassing all of the Major characters, and most of the Minor characters. Although this Series of stickers is under one theme It was never going to be a Matched Set, as there was really no way to get similar images of EVERY character. Well not without getting the studio to draw them just for this... just enjoy seeing all the characters in one spot... Also there is no need to point out characters that I did not make, unless you can provide clear, 500x500 pixel images at 200+ ppi. I had a hard time tracking down the ones I used here for some of the older characters...

I know I am missing The Following Characters:
Bunny & Claude (Yes i have a Bunny and a Claude, but they are not the Bunny & Claude, like Bonnie & Clyde)
Ham & Ex
Little Kitty
Minah Bird (from Inki)
Miss Cud
Oliver Owl
Priscilla Pig
Quick Brown Fox & Rapid Rabbit
Cecil Turtle
Willoughby the Dog

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