Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Pirates life for me!

29 Stickers - The first 16 stickers are of real pirate flags, the next 13 are just some fun pirate flags that I found around the web... Avast Ye Scurvy Land Lubbers!!! Ye best be join'n thee facebook page else I shall keel haul ye all! Be sure thats ye also vote and check in on GetGlue :)

Yarrr! To be see'n the rest O' the flags, ye be need'n to click that bilge rat ye call a mouse on one'a dem flags o'er thar!

As always to view the rest of the stickers, or view these stickers in full size just click an image above.

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If you want to make a request you can do that here in any comment or you can do it on the getglue page or the facebook page

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