Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stop The Bullying!

Special request to all kids returning to school in the next few weeks.
If you see someone who is struggling to make friends or being bullied because they don't have many friends or because they are shy or not as pretty or not dressed in the most "in" clothes, PLEASE step up. Say hi or at least smile at them in the hallway. You never know what that person might be facing outside of school. Your kindness might just make a BIG difference in someone's life!!
~Help stop the Bullying by reposting

A friend of mine on facebook posted this as his status message... I can not say who started the message, but I felt I needed to pass it along as well... and I normally do NOT repost status spam... this one I had to make stickers and Pass Along as well... if you could also copy the above message and post it too... just maybe we can all make a difference...

Enjoy! and Please feel free to post a link to this post, or use these stickers else where...

VISIT!!!! http://www.stopbullying.gov/

the stickers were made from various Anti-Bullying sites around the web...

As always to view the rest of the stickers, or view these stickers in full size just click an image above.

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