Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What More Hobbie Stickers?!?!?! NO!!!

These were made a while back, and uploaded to the gallery, but never published here... as they were made strictly for the GetGlueStickers.Com readers... 2 of the staff there had asked why there was not certain "geek" hobbies like reading, comic books, rpg, and video games... So I made them to look Exactly like the official stickers.... [Original Post Here]

Please keep in mind these ARE NOT REAL GETGLUE STICKERS!!!! These are fan created by me... I post them now as I had a request for by someone to be able to download them however the link I provided was no longer working, so I made them Public and decided to post them to the blog...


Larger version are obtainable from the gallery, and as always just click an image to get there

As always to view the rest of the stickers, or view these stickers in full size just click an image above.

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If you want to make a request you can do that here in any comment or you can do it on the getglue page or the facebook page

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  1. My thought is...Since they already made "Fun Topics, Summer Activities and Hobbies" they might just make other topic categories like Winter activities, interests, leisure, etc.