Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GG Parrots Exhibit

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Just tired of the damn GetGlue Parrots that copy and paste anything from sticker text....
From Sabrina's lips... STICKER HUNTING GLUEBIES!!!! Listen up!
Coming soon is before the TV show premieres out.
Premiere is the day the show's new season airs, during the sticker window.
Those two stickers are not both avail at the same time, and you do NOT need to type anything, just check in!

Most of the Stickers are JUST a CHECKIN! you DO NOT NEED TO COMMENT ANYTHING! and Commenting a novel's worth of text trying to unlock obvious Episode Stickers is a waste of your time, my time and the servers space... STOP!

As always to view the rest of the stickers, or view these stickers in full size just click an image above.

Be Sure To Visit the FACEBOOK Fan Page!!! by liking that you can be notified when a New Sticker Set is posted... never miss the latest stickers from Me!

If you want to make a request you can do that here in any comment or you can do it on the getglue page or the facebook page

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