Monday, October 3, 2011

Save the tatas

October is breast cancer awareness month. My aunt just passed away recently, she had breast cancer. She managed to survive, but not in one piece. Not only that but the treatments caused her to get Leukemia, and that is what finally got her in the end... She was a brave woman. After her first surgery her husband of 20+ years left her... But she kept on fighting. Her family shipped her off because they didn't want to look at her... but she kept on fighting... May god rest her soul. Share this Sticker with everyone, post it everywhere, join the fight to save the tatas. And most of all if you are a MAN like me then you had better support your wife, your girlfriend, your lover, your mother, and every other woman on this planet. No woman deserves to go through what my aunt did. Help Find The Cure!

Wanna make me feel like we are doing something.... than change your GetGlue, facebook, Twitter, and any other social network avatar to this sticker... for the entire month of October...

Save The Tatas

Susan G Komen Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Awareness

Keep a breast foundation

Can't Find What your looking for try Googling Breast Cancer Awareness


  1. I am sorry to hear about your Aunt, that is a lot for one woman to take but it sounds like she was quite an inspiration in her strength.

  2. Condolences for your Aunt. I was a cancer survivor -- 10 years now-- fighting METS--3 years-- from the first diagnosis. Changed my avatars to your BCA sticker which is gorgeous, BTW. Kickin' Cancer's Ass!